Surefire tips to applying for Bad credit mobile phones


Ask any UK citizen who has been refused a mobile phone contract on numerous occasions and they will tell you what a blessing bad credit mobile phones have been since their launch. The popularity of bad credit mobile contracts has hit the roof and this is because no credit checks are carried out before approval. UK citizens who for a long time had to deal with the indignity of rejections could now apply for a phone contract without having to worry about rejections.

These contracts have become very popular because they accord those with a poor credit rating an opportunity to enjoy the benefits that come with having a phone contract. While these contracts are very popular, there is a particular process that a person with a poor credit rating must follow when applying for this kind of contract.

Find a provider with high acceptance rates

To get approved for bad credit mobile contracts without hardships or bottlenecks, it’s essential that you find a network provider with high acceptance rates. While many network providers say that they do not carry out credit checks, the truth of the matter is that they set the lowest minimum credit score for which they approve applications. As such, to save yourself disappointments and increase your chances of approval; go for a network provider in the UK with the highest acceptance rates.

Quality services

While going for a provider with the highest acceptance rates is of essence, you should never give the aspect of quality services a wide berth. The provider you ultimately settle for should be one that offers quality services to its customers. In this regard, the customer support services should be top notch, the plans should be qualitative and all aspects of the provider in terms of services offered should be qualitative.


Apply for a bad credit mobile phone contract from a network provider that is reputable. Avoid network providers with a bad reputation like a plague. A bad reputation is an indication that professionalism is not observed, dishonesty is pervasive, and customer personnel do not observe ethical code of conduct. You should ensure that you go for a network provider with a solid reputation in excellent service delivery.

Affordable deals

Of course, the whole aspect of applying for bad credit mobile contracts is to get access to affordable phone deals. If you have no clue on affordable deals or where to look for, the information is available here. Ensure that you compare several deals offered by network providers and go for a provider that offers the best affordable deals that meet your expectations.

Read fine print

Do not make the cardinal mistake of not reading the fine print prior to signing the contract. The bane of people’s problems when it comes to applying for mobile phone contracts is that they are so eager to get approved for a contract that they rarely read the fine details of the contract. The resultant effect is that one might find himself grappling with hidden fees or charges which he/she could have discovered had they read the fine print at the beginning.

Once you are satisfied with your provider of choice in all aspects, the last thing to do is to sign your contract and receive your mobile phone and start enjoying the perks offered in your chosen plan.