About us


WHCR Phones is a top tier provider that has consistently over the years been able to help thousands of UK citizens with a poor credit rating avail cheap phone contracts. We understand that with the difficult economic times, majority of UK citizens are looking for cheap phone contracts. We have partnered with various network providers in the UK to help you get access to cheap mobile phone contracts in tandem with your budget. We believe in offering top notch services to our customers and as such have been able to enlist within our ranks professional customer personnel that help our customers make an informed decision as concerns mobile phone contracts.

Many UK citizens are so anxious that they apply for a mobile phone contract with any provider that promises them approval. This is something we are committed to change and therefore have been working around the clock to offer our customers advice on how they can go about making an informed decision when applying for a mobile contract. We are not just committed to helping our clients get affordable deals but we also go beyond the call of duty to ensure that the decision they make is as informed as possible.

If you have no clue about bad credit mobile phone contracts or how they work, we have simplified the work for you by providing you with informative news on phone contracts. We give you tips, strategies and the steps you need to follow while applying for bad credit mobile phone contracts. Our professionalism, belief in the principles of total quality management and commitment to excellent service delivery is what sets us apart from other providers.