Merits and demerits of applying for cheap phone contracts


With over 93% households in the UK owning a mobile phone, it doesn’t take nuclear science for one to understand why mobile phone contracts are very popular. There is no shortage of network providers in the UK jostling to offer UK citizens cheap phone contracts with the sole aim of romping in as many customers as possible. If you are still torn between going for mobile phone contracts or Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan, this article aims to shed light on some of the merits of going for phone contracts as well as the demerits of the same. The idea is to help you make an informed decision while understanding why phone contracts continue to enjoy immense popularity not only in the UK but also other parts of the globe.

Minutes, texts and data

The moment you apply for a phone contract with a given network provider in the UK, you get access to a given set limit of number of free minutes, texts and even data bundles to use in a given month. The merit of this is that the amount you pay for these texts, minutes and data is relatively cheaper as compared to the rate you pay per minute when you are on the Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan. You get to enjoy minutes, data and texts at a relatively cheaper price.

Mobile handsets

If you are itching to get your hands on the latest handset in town, a mobile phone contract gives you the opportunity to get access to the latest handset without having to pay for it upfront. Generally, network providers have diverse mobile handsets from different manufacturers and you will therefore be spoilt for choice on the kind of handset you want. It doesn’t matter whether you yearn for an iPhone, Samsung galaxy, HTC, Nokia, Microsoft, LG or any other phone model. A phone contract gives you limitless choices.

No interruptions

If you are a heavy user or use your phone regularly for business purposes, a phone contract gives you the freedom to do so without wondering about disruptions. When you are on Pay As You Go (PAYG) you have to load your phone every now and then to make phone calls and this can cause disruptions to your business dealings or when you want to make an emergency phone.

In as much as all the aforementioned benefits are good, applying for a phone contract also comes with a set of demerits. For one, you are locked into the contract for a given number of months say 12 or 18 months or whatever period you choose. The disadvantage is that should you want to opt out, you cannot because of the huge cancellation fee that network providers apply. The same does not apply to PAYG plans as you are not locked into any contract. Secondly, if you default in meeting your monthly obligations, you can be reported to the credit bureaus and your credit score might suffer a beating.

Why guaranteed mobile phone contracts don’t fall in the category of cheap phone contracts


The aftermath of the 2008 global credit crunch left many UK citizens deep in debt and grappling with a poor credit history. Even those who initially had a healthy history found themselves on the deep end of the swimming pool trying to make ends meet and keep their credit status afloat. The effect of this was that getting approved for a phone contract became a herculean task. Those who initially had a healthy credit history suddenly found themselves grappling with debt. Those who had a less than average credit score found themselves in an even worse situation.

With bad credit history being a thorn in the flesh of many people, those with a less than perfect credit score have always sought for cheap phone contracts. With the popularity of guaranteed mobile phone contracts and bad credit contracts becoming popular with UK citizens with a poor credit rating, questions abound as to whether these contracts are the solution when it comes to getting affordable contracts. Be as it may, we can’t be oblivious to the fact that guaranteed mobile contracts have indeed changed the lives of many UK citizens with a less than attractive credit score. However, the question on the lips of everybody is whether they fall in the category of cheap phone contracts or not.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why guaranteed mobile phone contracts do not fall in the category of cheap phone contracts.

  • The calls, texts, data bundles and monthly line rentals are more expensive than those offered on standard mobile contracts.

  • Upfront deposit: one huge reason as to why guaranteed mobile contracts are not in the category of cheap phone contracts is because they tend to have a requirement for applicants to pay a deposit upfront before they can be approved. If you don’t have the upfront payment, chances are that you won’t be approved.

  • You do not have a free hand to choose the kind of handset you want. In fact, you can never get approved if you need the latest high end phone because it poses great risks to the provider. You therefore have to choose from handsets that your provider has offered.

  • Interest rates: guaranteed mobile contracts are characterized with high interest rates which basically mean that you will have to dig deeper in your pocket to avail one for yourself. of course, the high interest rates make these contracts very expensive.

  • The lock in period for guaranteed mobile phone contracts cannot be less than 18 months in most cases. What this essentially means is that you will have to pay a high amount of fees monthly for a prolonged period of time making these contracts all the more expensive.

In light of the above, if you are seeking to enjoy the perks that come with a phone contract at an affordable price, it is essential that you think twice before you apply for guaranteed mobile phone contracts. However, if you have bad credit and without a choice, then guaranteed mobile contracts is your best bet however expensive they might be.

Surefire tips to applying for Bad credit mobile phones


Ask any UK citizen who has been refused a mobile phone contract on numerous occasions and they will tell you what a blessing bad credit mobile phones have been since their launch. The popularity of bad credit mobile contracts has hit the roof and this is because no credit checks are carried out before approval. UK citizens who for a long time had to deal with the indignity of rejections could now apply for a phone contract without having to worry about rejections.

These contracts have become very popular because they accord those with a poor credit rating an opportunity to enjoy the benefits that come with having a phone contract. While these contracts are very popular, there is a particular process that a person with a poor credit rating must follow when applying for this kind of contract.

Find a provider with high acceptance rates

To get approved for bad credit mobile contracts without hardships or bottlenecks, it’s essential that you find a network provider with high acceptance rates. While many network providers say that they do not carry out credit checks, the truth of the matter is that they set the lowest minimum credit score for which they approve applications. As such, to save yourself disappointments and increase your chances of approval; go for a network provider in the UK with the highest acceptance rates.

Quality services

While going for a provider with the highest acceptance rates is of essence, you should never give the aspect of quality services a wide berth. The provider you ultimately settle for should be one that offers quality services to its customers. In this regard, the customer support services should be top notch, the plans should be qualitative and all aspects of the provider in terms of services offered should be qualitative.


Apply for a bad credit mobile phone contract from a network provider that is reputable. Avoid network providers with a bad reputation like a plague. A bad reputation is an indication that professionalism is not observed, dishonesty is pervasive, and customer personnel do not observe ethical code of conduct. You should ensure that you go for a network provider with a solid reputation in excellent service delivery.

Affordable deals

Of course, the whole aspect of applying for bad credit mobile contracts is to get access to affordable phone deals. If you have no clue on affordable deals or where to look for, the information is available here. Ensure that you compare several deals offered by network providers and go for a provider that offers the best affordable deals that meet your expectations.

Read fine print

Do not make the cardinal mistake of not reading the fine print prior to signing the contract. The bane of people’s problems when it comes to applying for mobile phone contracts is that they are so eager to get approved for a contract that they rarely read the fine details of the contract. The resultant effect is that one might find himself grappling with hidden fees or charges which he/she could have discovered had they read the fine print at the beginning.

Once you are satisfied with your provider of choice in all aspects, the last thing to do is to sign your contract and receive your mobile phone and start enjoying the perks offered in your chosen plan.

Reasons for increasing popularity of contract phones


Can you think of a time you went for 30 minutes or 1 hour without glancing at your phone? What is the one thing you reach for when you wake up first thing in the morning? What is the feeling you experience when you realize you forgot your phone at home? Are you at peace or do you feel as if a part of you has been taken away from you? All these instances are clear indications that mobile phones are no longer a luxury as they were a few years back. Owning a mobile phone is now a necessity and the very reason why mobile phone contracts are very popular across the globe.

In fact, so popular are mobile phone contracts that some people slide into depression if their attempts to get approved for a phone contract come to naught every time. People now depend on their mobile phones for virtually everything ranging from seeking for directions to connecting on social media. But why should a person go for contract phones and give no contract phones a wide berth?

Less expensive

If you are a light mobile phone user, you might not be able to comprehend the benefits that come with applying for contract phones. However, if you are a heavy user, then you know very well what it means to have a phone contract. you get to enjoy unlimited text messages, sufficient number of minutes every month and sufficient data to connect on social media as well as check your emails without having to deal with interruptions due to lack of credit. Compared to Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans, heavy users find contract phones to be less expensive and a better option as compared to PAYG plans.

Access to the latest mobile handsets

So you fancy having the latest iPhone but somehow can’t afford to pay for it upfront? Worry not as contract phones give you an opportunity to own the latest high end phone without having to folk out the cash for it in advance. Basically, contract phones come together with a handset of your choice for a fixed monthly fee. You get to pay fixed monthly cost every month for the entire period of your contract. If your phone contractual period is 18 months, then you will have to pay equal installments for your new handset for a period of 18 months. So if you have a mobile phone you’ve been yearning to get your hands on but somehow can’t afford upfront, then contract phones are your best bet.


Think about it for a moment. A specific number of minutes in a month, unlimited texts, and data bundles, an option to upgrade your plan and so on and so forth. This is one of the reasons why contract phones are increasingly becoming popular. You don’t have to worry that during an emergency you won’t be able to make that important call because you don’t have credit. You will always interact and connect with your friends on social media and even check your emails without having to worry about data bundles. Should you feel as if you need a better plan, all you need to do is simply upgrade to a plan with better perks!

What to Look Out For When Applying For Cheap Contract Phones


With network providers such as Virgin, T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone offering cheap contract phones to citizens across the UK, applying for a mobile phone contract has never been simple. All these top network providers are jostling for customers and as such have been able to avail cheap contract phones as a means to romp in customers. While this is laudable, care should be taken when a person is thinking of applying for a mobile phone contract with any network provider across the UK.

The first order of business should be determining what you want in a mobile phone contract. Of course, affordability is always at the top of the list and that is why every network provider is luring customers with cheap contract phones. Apart from that, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration when applying for cheap contract phones. To begin with, carefully evaluate the available network providers offering contract phones across the UK. Don’t just apply for a contract with Virgin simply because most of your friends have a contract with them.

Don’t just apply for a phone contract with T-Mobile simply because your girlfriend has a phone contract with them. Remember that the choice you make has a direct consequence to your finances as well as the impact on your credit rating in the long run not forgetting the benefits. In this regard, it’s imperative that you approach the process of selecting the right network provider with a sober approach. If you don’t know which network provider to settle for, make it an effort to use a comparison site. A comparison site is a hub of information detailing the plans that different UK network providers offer and giving you a summary of what you stand to benefit.

You should compare on such factors such as the diversity of plans on offer, the affordability of the plans, the perks attached to each plan, the contractual length, the probability of an upgrade in the foreseeable future and so on and so forth. Once you have narrowed down to the provider you wish to apply for a cheap contract with, the process does not end there. What your network provider offers does not mean that you should accept it at face value.

There is always room to haggle and try to snag for yourself a better deal. However, before you try to negotiate for a better plan with your chosen provider of choice, ensure you do that from an informed perspective. Most providers will give you a better deal if they realize that you have facts to back your request. You can always bring up what another provider is offering for the same plan to support your quest for a better offer. If you are applying for a bad credit or guaranteed mobile phone contract, you need to get assurance from your chosen provider if there is room for an upgrade in the near future. Last but not least, make it your responsibility to read the fine print of your contract before appending your signature. This is simply to familiarize yourself with the terms of your contract and avert a situation whereby you will pay hidden fees in the foreseeable future.